Simple Best English Essay For O/L Students 2021

 Simple English Essay For O/L Students

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LIFE IN 2100

In 2100, most of the countries in the world have more or less the same national income. So, there won’t be an economic advantage for migration The migration will be solely based on cultural reasons. People will not require any visa to migrate to any country. They will just have to cover their travel expenses. There will be a totally free market in the world then, and there will be no restrictions on imports and exports. 

Almost everything in the world will be recycled (nearly 100%) in 2100. Almost all the transport will be automated and run on electricity. Self-driving cars, Self-driving Aeroplanes (there won’t be oven pilots sitting at the cabin and they will be run on electricity and solar power), There will be also self-driving trains. Because everything is automated and perfected, there will be rarely any accidents anymore. However, the average speeds of each transport will be much much higher than before. 


 English Essay

Fossil fuels will not be used anymore except for very few situations. All electricity (100%) will be generated from sustainable sources especially solar. The generation will be also very much distributed. Just like the internet, the electricity networks of different countries will be connected together

Almost all the crops planted around the world will be genetically different from what they were before. These crops could withstand a much harsher environment and hardly requires synthetic fertilizers. As a result, many of the lands which were abandoned in the early 21st century as unsuitable for cultivation will be regularly cultivated and harvested.

Life expectancy will steadily grow over the years. The predicted life expectancy for people under 30 will be 120 years. Very few people will ever become sick and if they do, it would give a very bad reputation to their family doctor because doctors will be meant to prevent diseases from happening, not curing them. 

Homes are well automated too. Household work would take only about 1-2 hours a week. People will have to cook very rarely as there will be enough ready-made processed food available. 

Quality healthcare and education right from kindergarten to doctorate studies will be free of cost around the world. People who don’t work will be also given basic assistance from governments which is good enough to sustain one’s life So people will be doing things what they would really like to do rather than for money. For the first time in his history, man will stop surviving and start living!

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